Global Justice and Crisis
How may conflict be a positive force for change?
06.10.2018  >> 06.10.2018

Call for Papers

This conference will bring together academics, non-governmental organizations and activists to present, explore, and discuss ways in which we may address worldwide current issues by means of global justice. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for debate over some key issues (poverty, access, dispute resolution and terrorism) ranging between particular case studies to their global impact, and including analysis of political, sociological, legal, policy, and everyday conceptualizations. The conference will provide a forum to analyze developments, and seek to discern underlying social, legal and political processes to address them.

We look for contributions that will deepen and broaden understanding of how conflict may me a positive force for change (key areas: poverty, access, dispute resolution and terrorism).
We hope to attract contributions from different disciplinary approaches and backgrounds, including those outside of the mainstream of theories of global justice. If you would like to participate, please email an abstract (no more than 500 words long and written in English) to Dr Jorge E. Núñez eMail email before Friday 31st August 2018.