Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists

Welcome on the website of the Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists (CEE Forum). The CEE Forum is a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas as well as for the development of sustainable contacts and ties among young scholars sharing similar interests, thereby transcending traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries alike. The work of the CEE Forum concentrates on three fields: the organization of Annual Conferences, the publication of a Yearbook with a selection of the best conference contributions, and the provision of this Website as a permanent platform for the exchange of information.

CEE Forum Yearbook Vol. 5 published!
2014 CEE Forum Yearbook: "Law and State"

The fifth yearbook, containing selected contributions of the 2014 conference in Zagreb, was recently published.

Burazin, Luka/Gardašević, ĐorđeBurazin, Luka / Gardašević, Đorđe / Sardo, Alessio (eds.)Law and State. Classical Paradigms and Novel Proposals. Frankfurt/M. et al. 2015, 221pp. ISBN 978-3-631-66692-0 pb.

The yearbook contains 12 papers in four sections "Law and State", "Methodological Approaches", "Language of Law", and "Constitutional and EU Law". For more details see the Web publicity flyer.


CfP: 8th CEE Forum Conference in Budapest, Hungary

The 8th CEE Forum for Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists will be held from 22 until 23 April 2016 at the Web Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies. In the most general terms, the agenda of the conference will be focused on the doctrinal discussion and theoretical reassessment of the Central and Eastern European transition that started in 1989 and has not finished yet. In order to meet the diverse interests of the Forum’s participants and facilitate the communication of new ideas, besides the main agenda of the conference, one section will be traditionally open to all interesting research results from the vast area of legal, political and social theory (“Open Section”). Please find Web here all additional information like application form, accomodation info, directions and payment instructions. We are happy and eager to host you in Budapest in the spring of 2016.

CEE Forum Yearbook Vol. 4 published!
2013 CEE Forum Yearbook: „Law, Politics, and the Constitution“

The fourth yearbook, containing selected contributions of the 2013 conference in Greifswald, was recently published.

Geisler, Antonia/Hein, Michael/Hummel, Siri (eds.): Law, Politics, and the Constitution. New Perspectives from Legal and Political Theory. Frankfurt/Main et al. 2014, 217pp. ISBN 978-3-631-65464-4 pb.

The yearbook contains 14 papers in four sections "Constitutional Review and the Separation of Powers", "Constitutional Review in East Central European Countries", "Theorising the European Union: Constitution, Division of Power, and Sovereignty" and "The Common Good, Constitutional Rights and Individual Obligations". For more details see the Web publicity flyer


Upcoming Events
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6. Tagung der DVPW-Themengruppe "Politik und Recht", Berlin, 22.-24. September 2016
22.09.2016  >> 24.09.2016
Location: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
22.09.2016  >> 24.09.2016
Location: Bremen, Germany

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